I'm a passionate photographer. I'm quite broad in the images I like to create - people, business, portrait, flowers, street, landscape, mingling, creative visual art and more

Michael Silkesjöö

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All people are beautiful! With the right light, background and especially when the person is relaxed, the person becomes even more beautiful! I can often make people feel calm and relaxed even if they usually do not like to be photographed. Maybe it's about trust?

I love to create portraits of people - no matter what the image is used for. I always have ideas and thoughts based on what is desired and I enjoy thinking outside the box.

About photography

My philosophy...

An emotional portrait is in itself a goal. Emotions can be different - sad, happy, tired, etc. I love directing a  shoot to create the ultimate portrait of a person and make it stand out.

Close-ups are extremely fascinating. It's often I discover completely new beautiful details by taking images in macro. There are great opportunities to succeed in capturing an artistic touch in a flower, plant or person.

            Exhibitions and         events

Me and some friends collaborated with Swedavia which resulted in a photo exhibition at Arlanda Airport called "Stockholm: A Proud City". The exhibition was also shown at Bromma Airport.

The exhibition then went on tour to Östersund Åre Airport and Luleå Airport.

A selection of these photos were also exhibited at Stockholm Pride Park.

At a culture center, I exhibited my pictures where the theme was diversity, breadth and love! At the same event I also had the opportunity to exhibit 25 flower pictures in another exhibition.