Black & white

by Michael Silkesjöö

Black and white images become more revealing, more direct and naked. There are no colors that distract you, it's bang on. Somehow, in black and white magic happens!


So far, I have mostly used black and white to show how pretty something is. However, lately I have been inspired to create black and white images that are a bit rough, not too perfect. It's interesting how the amount of blackness and contrast can completely change the tone of an image.

I think it's fun to experiment in Photoshop to try to create art in black and white. It's more or less the same approach as analog developing.

I’m currently learning to develop black and white to include warm and cold toned monochromatic images, cross-toned achromatic images, and in some cases subtly tinted polychromatic images.

A selection of Black & white images
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