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Whether you want to be photographed by me (privately or for your business), if you have a photo project you need help to visualize, or if you want to exhibit my images Contact me! - I'm happy to take on challenges!


Images for all occasions

Do you want a nice portrait image for your CV, social media, LinkedIn etc?

Do you need an awesome image for the wedding invitation and then have the wedding immortalized?

Do you need pictures of all employees for the company website?

Do you need help with editing your own pictures?

Together we can create something fantastic!

Exhibitions and events! I'm ready!

Do you have a special topic that you want to be highlighted in an exhibition, a message that needs to be made visible? I am happy to exhibit existing pictures or create new pictures for your theme.

I have had the privilege of exhibiting my pictures at cultural arenas and airports and would very much like to exhibit in libraries, cultural centers, school canteens, libraries, business lounges, cafés, art centers, etc.

The pictures to the right show some exhibitions I have had in the past. For example, a great collaboration with Swedavia that resulted in the exhibition Stockholm: A Proud City at Arlanda Airport. It was also shown at Bromma, - Östersund / Åre, - and Luleå airports.

My education in photography

I am, basically, self-taught in photography. In recent years, I have the following theoretical and practical educations (in swedish):

  1. Yrkeshögskolan Novia, Foto och visuell kommunikation (Januari-mars 2022)
  2. Onlineutbildning i bildseende och bildskapande med fotograferna Emma Svensson och Göran Segeholm (februari 2021-januari 2022)
  3. Högskolekursen (online) Fotografi och visuell kommunikation (2019)
  4. Flertalet onlinekurser (via och O'Reilly) i fotografi, bildbehandling, tekniska färdigheter etc. samt föreläsningar i olika ämnen inom fotografi (2013-pågående)

Do you want more images? 
Visit my blog!

Just click here

Do you want more images? 
Visit my blog!

Just click here